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2-Year Regular MBA Programme at IMS

The MBA programme has been designed for ambitious young graduates who wish to achieve long-term professional goals through an industry-ready curriculum. The vision is to nurture competent graduates with productive skills and traits such as strong domain expertise, professional integrity, service mindedness, leadership, entrepreneurial orientation and social consciousness.

The programme is spread over a period of two years and is divided into four semesters. The courses in the first year are all compulsory, as they provide a balanced foundation in the basic disciplines of management. After completion of the second semester, the students undertake a six-week Summer Internship in industry for gaining hands-on experience.

As a part of the Summer Internship Project, students submit a detailed project report and make a formal presentation before a review panel consisting of faculty members and business executives from industry and academics. The second year courses are a mix of compulsory (core) courses and electives in the specialization areas of students’ choice.

Course Curriculum

The design and pedagogy of the MBA Programme emphasizes professional skill-enhancement so that students could apply management concepts and theories to live problems in business and industry. Students are expected to achieve high standards of excellence. The pedagogy includes lectures, case studies, seminars, group discussions, business games, experiential learning activities, educational excursions, role plays, simulation exercises, structured and unstructured group work, and field visits. The emphasis is to involve the students in learning management concepts through real world examples.

NEW! Download the 2-Year MBA Regulations & Syllabi (effective from Academic Session 2018-20)

Old Syllabi (valid till Session 2017-19)

SEMESTER – I (All papers are compulsory)

  • Paper 1 – Management Principles & Practices
  • Paper 2 – Accounting and Financial Management
  • Paper 3 – Organizational Behaviour
  • Paper 4 – Marketing Management
  • Paper 5 – Quantitative Techniques for Management
  • Paper 6 – IT for Managers
  • Paper 7 – Business Communication

SEMESTER – II (All papers are compulsory)

  • Paper 8 – Human Resources Management
  • Paper 9 – Business Research
  • Paper 10 – Managerial Economics
  • Paper 11 – Operations Research
  • Paper 12 – Cost Management
  • Paper 13 – E-Business


Compulsory Papers

  • Paper 14 – Business Law
  • Paper 15 – Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Paper 16 – Supply Chain Management
  • Paper 17 – Summer Internship Programme (S.I.P.)


Group A – Financial Management

  • Paper 18 – Management of Financial Services
  • Paper 19 – Investment and Portfolio Management

Group B – Marketing Management

  • Paper 20 – International Marketing
  • Paper 21 – Consumer Behaviour

Group C – Human Resource Management

  • Paper 22 – Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
  • Paper 23 – Recruitment, Selection and Training

Group D – Information Technology

  • Paper 24 – RDBMS
  • Paper 25 – Business Data Communication


Compulsory Papers

  • Paper 26 – Strategic Management
  • Paper 27 – Project Study


Group A – Financial Management

  • Paper 28 – Corporate Finance
  • Paper 29 – Management of Financial Derivatives

Group B – Marketing Management

  • Paper 30 – Sales and Distribution Management
  • Paper 31 – Brand Management

Group C – Human Resource Management

  • Paper 32 – Organizational Change and Development
  • Paper 33 – Compensation and Rewards

Group D – Information Technology

  • Paper 34 – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Paper 35 – System Analysis and Design (SAD)

Note: Students may elect any ONE of the functional specialization groups (from Group A to D) in Semester III. In Semester IV they may elect TWO Groups, one Major & one Minor, out of the above 4 Groups within Paper 28 to 35. The Major Group elected in Semester III and Semester IV must be the same.